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Hers is an image with enhanced Saturation and 200% size increase. You can see the darker areas, im hoping i will get more detail with less fog. 50%Brightness, 20%Gain, 10fps

Tonight the conditions were foggy at best. It was hard to get the image bright enough to capture. I used the 3XBarlow Lens and a high camera speed at 10fps. The images from tonight are below:



Tonight the conditions were cloudy. I managed to get about 30 frames over around an hour of imaging. A further prob today was that i didnt use the mount. Therefore i had around 4 or 5 seconds each time the planet got in shot! A nightmare for focusing and looking into camera settings. 50%Brightness, 0%Gain, 10fps


My first shot of Mars in 06. No mount, this is what i got. Luckily enough there seems to be some detail. As i didnt have any software it means i dont know whether it is real or over playing in registax.


Here is an attempt that was done with no experiecne. I found this image recently after taking it a coupleof years ago. I thought i would drop it into the site but i have no other info on it.