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02.04.06 - Titan, Tethys, Encaladus, Dione, Rhea

These images were taken in an attempt to catch as many moons as possible. Iapetus was hardly visible but can just been seen as a small white blur. The moons are Titan, Tethys, Encaladus, Dione, Rhea

09.02.06 - Titan

Here is Saturn with Titan to the lower right. 1000 frames combining 2 seperate videos.

20.01.06 - Titan, Saturn, Tethys, Rhea

Here is the best image of Saturn and it's system so far. The objects from Left to Right are:Titan, Saturn, Tethys, Rhea and Dione. Image one was taken with the 8" Dobsonian, firstly to capture the planets and secondly to capture the moons. The starry night image shows a representation of the system at this time.

Starry Night representation below