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09.02.06 - Saturn

The best images to date, today saw a real breakthrough with details on the planet and the rings. These images were created using about 20 videos and around 1500 frames, all stacked and processed. The settings for capture were 10fps and 50% gain, the rest was pretty standard. The images were later sharpened and had slight adjustments in photoshop.

05.02.06 - Saturn

These images were done using several combined videos. The images were taken using a higher Gain than usual in an attempt to show more detail. The speckled effect was countered with more frames. The images were 5fps, 33FR, 50% gain, 50% brighness. The images were the best to date, though seeing conditions were poor with a bright half moon.

30.01.06 - Saturn

The images below show the same stacked image from ten videos. They appear to be different because they were used to try new registax settings and further work through Adobe Photoshop. The firt image shows good rings however this meant the image was more speckled. More work could make the images more detailed and less speckled.

24.01.06 - Saturn

These were the three best images after stacking and processing, they are a collaboration of many frames and videos over the night. There is a good sharpness to the images and details across the planet are slightly more visable than before, the only problems with this image were the yellow tint. Future images will have more work done to the white blance settings to get better colours.

21.01.06 - Saturn

The image here had good colour throughout the processing, however the gain settings were a little too high and the image became slightly speckled, The image was kept digitally enlarged as there was little difference in the crispness of the image. Slight planet details are also visable.

11.01.06 - Saturn

This image firstly appeared to be red in colour, however with some help from other members of cloudynights the image was slowly transformed to show the best colours. The rings are crisp and the size was at 150%. Ring A and B are more defined than previous attempts.

28.12.05 - Saturn

This image was slightly too light however it was the first image to show good colour and the rings are crisp. There were around 200 frames.

27.12.05 - Saturn

This image was at 100% size, it had around 100 frames from three videos. The image ppeared to be red, there were poor seeing conditions and the telescope was not left out for enough time to adjust to the cold climate. The image was saved to show what a difefrence these settings and variables can make.

22.12.05 - Saturn

This image was created using the 8" Dobsonian, it consisted of about 100 frames, taken in k3ccd tools then stacked and processed with registax. The image was later digitally enlarged to 200%.