This image was eddited on this date however the original images were taken over a matte of weeks. The Central Star is clearer than before, the image is still a bit grainy but another improvement.


This image was taken over an hour of shooting. there were 10 final frames to create the final stacked image though a lot of them were grainy from the high gain. The image is impressive however and the dust from the lens has nearly gone. Star trails are practically non-existant. Prhaps the most impressive part of the image os the star in the centre. 10 Frames, 15-35 seconds exposures, 50-80% gain


Tonight I took my first image of this object after seeing it last night. The results were as expected from a first attempt.The image seems to show too much blue however this may be because of the auto white balance. The weather was terrible with high clouds. 15 Second Exposures/ 5 Images Stacked. 100% Saturation, 50% gain