This M42 is the first since i started the site. Here i have used the same equipment but with a year longer experience. The colour was a litte different but this could be a settings issue as i recently changes things. This is the best image to date of this nebula however cllouds set in and i only got a few frame. The image is a lot sharper than any before. 70% brightness, 50% gain, 10-15sec exposures


This M42 image was the first taken with the new SC3 toucam, the ccd colour chip resented difefrent colours however using a webcam meant i had longer to play with the settings. The duration of the exposures was around 15 seconds, the image is considered a good start with a new camera.



This M42 image was taken after re-calculating my magnetic declination, the first results were taken starting at around 13 degrees west of where the platform should have been pointing thus ending in me spending two or three hours moving the mount from side to side to see the effect. After getting the correct declination i had more time to work on the focusing and attempted to get the trapezium of stars in the middle clear. This image was a 15 second exposure at ISO 400.