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MArch 2007 - Lunar eclipse

On the evening of the Third of March 2007 there was a total Lunar Eclipse. This is a period where the Earth comes between the Sun and the moon, taking nearly all of the light away from the moon. When the event occurs the moon slowly starts dissapearing until it is almost completely gone. This is as the Moon enters the "Umbra" or part of the Earths Shadow, slight distortion is often seen before as it enters the Penumbra. When the moon is completely in the Umbra we enter "Totality" the Moon becomes red and the only light hitting it is distorted through the Earths atmosphere.

The photos Here were taken with the Konica Minolta Dimage Z2, No extra hardware was used as the telescope would have given too much magnification. These images were taken at 1/1000 and F.56 to account for the bright light. The images are from 20:00pm - 22:40 and are within fairly regular breaks.

Here the moon is seconds from totality. The camera settings have to be changed from here as we need to let more light into the camera.

Totality Images 22:45 - 23:15 pm