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18.06.06 - jupiter

Tonight was a night of testing, firstly i tried cleaning the CCD chip with some cleaner, this meant the blobs that were getting in every shot would be gone. This worked well and nearly all the specks of dust have gone. SSecondly i used the new 3X barlow lens, best £30 on ebay ever spent! The results show a much larger image. The weather was poor though and it soon became cloudy and the visibility was terrible!. Here are the results, The size is good but the cloudy sky meant a dark image thus the gain was increased and speckles became prominant. Approximate time was 22:30PM

04.06.06 - jupiter

Tonight The BRS was coming around from the left at around 11PM the images below were from 10:15 until 11:15 so the BRS was not see as a spot, but a change in the clouds can be just about seen. A dirty CCD chip meant a lot of data was lost to bad images. The settings were 10Fps, 50% Brightness, 20% Gain and Auto White Balance. The Saturation was at 100%.

Jupiter Timelapse cloud animation below

03.06.06 - jupiter

Tonight The BRS was not visible however it was a good clear night so i imaged for about an hour. This time i used 10Fps instead of the 5 the night before, this was done to increase the frames and lose noise. The settings were 10Fps, 50% Brightness, 20% Gain and Auto White Balance. The Saturation was at 100% however it was increased in registax afterwards. The images were later combined into a small movie. The largest problem of the night was a dirty eyepiece leading to dark marks across the image.

Jupiter Timelapse cloud animation below

02.06.06 - jupiter

This was the first attempt at Jupiter at night. The conditions were clear though a half moon in the west. The camera was the new Toucam Pro modded version, long exposures were not used. The settings were 5Fps, 20% Gain, 50%. These images were the best to date and they show a good example of how light can affect the image. The image in the left was at 10:30pm and images were taken every 10 mins or so until 11:30pm. The Starry night image on the right shows that the "Big Red Spot" was captured for the first time, the spot can be seen to move across the images one through to five.

Jupiter Timelapse cloud animation below on the left, software representation to the right. (Note the Giant red storm becoming visible).

30.12.05 - jupiter

These images were created aound 6:30AM, the planet low in the sky caused problems as did the daylight. The images were the finest to date and image two shows good colour variation. Whilest creating the images it became apparant that videos over 60 seconds lead to smearing as the planet turned too quickly. Future videos will all be under 1 min.

22.12.05 - jupiter

These images were again taken around 6:45AM, they used the new 2X barlow Lens and became a lot larger. The colours in the first image are accurate and there is good banding. Sun rise removed good details and the planet low in the sky caused problems.

22.12.05 - jupiter

The first Jupiter images to be taken, then show good banding across the planets, they were taken 6:45AM ans the sky was already quite light. Settings were quickly guessed and short videos were taken and stacked. To the right is the starry night software image of how they should look.